How to Heal Pain through Visualization Meditation

This is a wonderful story about how a Client was guided to heal emotionally sourced pain by meditatively envisioning his pain away.  When my Clients & I are engaged in an Intuitive Bodywork Session, we are conjoined by Universal Energy to facilitate the deepest levels of Healing available to us.  I also let them know that Healing is a process & that work is required on their own end when they traverse through that journey.

I got an incredible opportunity to work with a Client & witness Healing in action.  My Client was a male Persian in his mid 30’s.  His crippling stride was noticeable when he approached me the very first time.  Symptomatically, he was experiencing severe Back pain due to:

  • Sacroiliac (SI) Joint compression
  • Sciatica…intense pain shooting down his right Leg…originating from the back & coming around to the front Hip/Pelvis forward tilt

After several Intuitive Bodywork sessions, the Client posed this question to me…’Besides coming to see you, what else can I do to heal?’  I initially responded with generically boring answers…do what you can to move Energy…pain is blocked Energy…blah blah blah.  Then I got to the Heart of the matter…what my Touch was telling me all along…’I really get the sense that there’s a lot of Anger pent up inside of you…there’s an opportunity to Heal the pains of the past…your Body is fired up with Rage & crippled with Anger.’

I saw him the following week & he shared this insightful story with me.

I spoke with my Mom after the last session.  My Mom said...'I wish your Sister was more like you...she complains about this...she complains about that.  You...are more quiet than your Sister.' When my Mom said this, I thought of you & what you said.  Your image came up.  I told myself...'that's because I keep it inside.' That night just before bed, this image of a German Beer Mug appeared in my Mind...the kind that has a lid.  So, I envisioned my feet having lids just like the German Beer Mug...I lifted the lid & let all this Energy leave my Body...down my Legs & out through my Feet...I did this for a very long time. The following morning I woke up & realized that I was standing up straight without any pain.  I felt so good & liberated I walked into my Boss' office & thanked him.

After my Client told me this story, he asked if he could give me a hug.  I gave him a big congratulatory hug.  He’s back to enjoying one of his favorite pastimes, hiking.

This experience took me back to why I was called to do Intuitive Bodywork…it also ranks high on the meter of truly memorable & rewarding.

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